Start Break  Lunch End of Day
Foundation Stage (Reception) 8.50am   11.45am – 12.45pm 3.00pm
Y1 and 2 8.50am 10.30am – 10.45am 12.00pm – 12.45pm 3.00pm
Y3 and 4 8.50am 10.45am – 11.00am 12.15pm – 1.00pm 3.00pm
Y5 and 6 8.50 am 11.00am – 11.15am 12.30pm – 1.15pm 3.00pm



The class registers are marked at 9.00am, so punctuality is essential. Children are marked late after 9.00am and absent if they arrive after the register is closed at 9.15am.

Class registers are marked again at the start of the afternoon session: 12.45pm for Reception, Y1 and Y2 pupils; 1.00pm for Y3 and Y4 pupils and 1.15pm for Y5 and Y6 pupils.  Children are marked late if they arrive in class after the start of the session and absent if they arrive after the register is closed.

Our registers are checked regularly for lateness and irregular attendance.  Children should not arrive at school before 8.45am as we are unable to provide supervision in the playground before the start of the school day.



Our school attendance is very good.  If children are absent from school we would ask that a letter or telephone call informs us of the reason for the absence.

If a child cannot take part in games or PE lessons either through injury, illness or lack of kit please send a note to the teacher concerned.



Monday Whole School 9.00 – 9.30am
Tuesday KS1 9.00 – 9.30am KS2 2.30 – 3.00pm
Wednesday Whole School 2.30 – 3.00pm
Thursday Class Worship 15 minutes during the school day
Friday Celebration Worship 9.00 – 9.30am