Welcome to R Sparkle

Teacher – Mr Kenny

Nursery Nurse – Mrs Hartley

Teaching assistant – Mrs Suddards

Teaching assistant – Mrs Holden

HLTA – Mrs Spencer

In Foundation Stage, we aim to lead with the children’s interests and teach them through the things that they like to do, what they like to play with and what they are interested in. Our topics will evolve throughout the coming weeks as we get to know the children and as they begin telling and showing us how they like to learn and what they want to learn about. We will mostly be focusing on settling in, understanding the school rules and routine and enjoying school


The areas that we will be covering this term will be:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Demonstrate friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships
  • Confident to talk to other children when playing
  • Explain own knowledge and understanding, and asks appropriate questions of others
  • Begin to accept the needs of others
  • Confident to talk to other children when playing, and will communicate freely about own home and community
  • Begin to be able to negotiate and solve problems without aggression, e.g. when someone has taken their toy

Communication & Language

  • Join in with repeated refrain
  • Respond to simple instructions
  • Use talk to connect ideas
  • Question why things happen and give explanations. Asks who, what, how
  • Listen and respond to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.
  • Use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situations

Physical Development

  • Run skilfully and negotiates space
  • Move freely with pleasure and confidence
  • Experiment with different ways of moving
  • Use simple tools to effect changes to materials
  • Begin to form recognisable letters


  • Listen to and join in with stories and poems
  • Listen to stories with increasing attention and recall the main themes
  • Give meaning to marks that they draw or paint
  • Hear and say initial sounds in words
  • Segment the sounds in simple words and then blend them together
  • Begin to read words and simple sentences
  • Use some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, representing some sounds correctly and in sequence.


  • Recite numbers in order to 10 and beyond
  • Compare two groups of objects, saying when they have the same
  • Recognise numerals 1 – 5 and beyond
  • Say the number that is one more than a given number
  • Select the correct numeral to represent 1 to 5, then 1 to 10 objects

Understanding the World

  • Show care and concern for living things and the environment
  • Develop  an understanding of growth and decay
  • Talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects
  • Know how to operate simple equipment, e.g. turns on CD player and uses remote control
  • Look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change

Expressive Arts & Design

  • Beginning to be interested in the texture of things
  • Build stories around toys
  • Join construction pieces together to build and balance
  • Explore the different sounds of instruments
  • Understand that different media can be combined to create new effects
  • Manipulate materials to achieve a planned effect
  • Play alongside other children who are engaged in the same theme
  • Initiate new combinations of movement and gesture in order to express and respond to feelings, ideas and experiences

Please help your child to:


·     Learn their letter sounds ·     Hear the first sound in words:
·     Fasten their coat Ssssss socks, ppppppp pizza, mmmmm mouse!
·     Be independent: carry their own book bag and water bottle

·     Identify their own name card


·     Count items or steps at home 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Special events/activities

Please put these dates in your diaries

  • 26th September  – ‘Introduction to Foundation Stage’ for parents
  • 28th September – Reception sponsored walk
  • 30th September – Book fair until 6th October
  • 4th October – Individual school photographs
  • 12th October – Messy church
  • 19th October – EYFS and KS1 Harvest Festival in church at 2.00pm
  • 21st October – Non-uniform day to support Cancer Research
  • 24th October – Half term
  • 31st October – School starts
  • 4th November – Whole School Bonfire, Bake Off and Disco
  • 8th November – Parents’ Evening at 3:10 – 7:00pm
  • 10th November – Parents’ Evening at 3:10 – 5:30pm
  • 18th November – Children in Need Day
  • 28th November – Early Essence Session for parents 3.00pm – 5.00pm
  • 8th December – Reception and KS1 Nativity at 2.00pm
  • 9th December – Christmas Fayre
  • 14th December – Christmas Lunch
  • 16th December – Christmas in Church 10.00am
  • 16th December – Foundation Stage Christmas party.

Polite reminders

  • Please ensure your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Please make sure your child’s reading book is kept in their book bag. We change books every week.
  • Please make sure you return the yellow text message slips with a comment about something your child has done at home. These provide us with valuable information about what your child can do at home, some children can be quite shy at school and very different at home!  These notes help us to develop an overall picture of your child’s achievements and we do enjoy getting them back.


Click on the link below for this weeks homework.


If you need any further information, please contact Mr Kenny, Mrs Sarjeant, Mrs Suddards, Mrs Hartley, Mrs Holden or Mrs Spencer. Thank you for your continued support.