“It is the school’s expectation that everyone in school should live their day to day life displaying Christian values of love, honesty, care, forgiveness, understanding, generosity and respect for oneself and for others.”

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools, February 2012

Our school is a member of the Diocese of Bradford’s Family of Primary and Secondary Schools. We are committed to the education and welfare of the children in our care and have identified what makes our school distinctive.

Our church school’s success is based on strong and welcoming links between school, home, church and community.

Our church school gives high priority to the spiritual development of all in the community.

Our church school is distinguished by the special character of its religious education and Christian worship and within this teaches an awareness of, and respect for, other faiths.

In our church school, Christian values are built into our ethos and teaching.

Holy Trinity


Our school is blessed and privileged to have links and the support of our local church. Three of our loyal, committed foundation governors attend Holy Trinity.

Representatives from Holy Trinity and Aldersgate lead Worship in school each week.

Throughout the year, each year group attends Holy Trinity Church for worship on a Thursday morning.

For further information about Holy Trinity, please click on the following link: http://www.achurchnearyou.com/low-moor-holy-trinity/